V�lkommen till Malm�partiet!

En bro f�r framtiden!

This page is for those who dont understand swedish


The Malmoparty received 218 votes at the municipal elections in Malmo 2006, 486 votes in the elections 2002 and 405 votes in the elections 2010. A political party must pass approximately 3 000 votes to get 1 seat in the municipal council.

The Malmoparty is a local political party for the town of Malmo. The party was constituted in the 15 of september 2001 by some local citizens, who believe that there must be an alternative which can represent the common inhabitant in the municipal council. The Malmoparty shall be that alternative at the next municipal elections in the year 2014. Our political main issue is that the politics must come closer to the people. We demand local determination of popular votes when 5 % of the electors wants it, and consulting popular votes when 3 % of the electors wants it.

Today is the social situation for many people in the city of Malmo very difficult. Reduction of quallity in the schools, hospital, eldercare and daycare centres combined with increasing of organized crime, makes people with income to move away from the city than the other way around. We mean that the mainproblem in Malmo is not the money, its the incorrect apportionment of the resourses. Lets stand up for a Malmo built for the benefit of the law obeying citizens! The Malmoparty have made an extensive program to make a happy and secured town again for the inhabitans and the visitors.

The Malmoparty

Tony Kaladic

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